+51 951 359 694

+51 951 359 694

Rock Climbing Full Day


Rock climbing is the activity of climbing cliffs or large rocks, as a hobby or sport. Cusco is another place where you can practice this sport in the same time learn the Andean culture and join the beautiful land scape of Cusco region.

Rock climbing is an incomparable challenge. It takes every muscle in your body to inch you upward. There's no time for distraction, no room for your mind to wander. It's you and a route up narrow fissures and narrow werledges. Chase your fear back in to the shadows, as you balance on fingertips and to eholdsall the way to the top.


We pick you up in your hotel at 8:00am in our private van, then we are driving toward climbing spot for a long 30 minutes. Once we leave the bus we will walk 10 minutes to the same rock where we will have fun. There we will get all the gears for this activity (Harnesses, Helmet, climbing shoes, carabiners.) those are certificate by UIAA. Before to start the activity we will have a safety talk by our instructor then a basic course about knots.

Once we are ready we will start climbing by route for beginners while our instructor is belaying you. We have more than 10 routes in our climbing spot especially for beginners and professionals, we will take our time to climb all the routes as possible. Then we have lunch time enjoying the landscape around this area.

To finish our day we have a rappel activity (descend 20 meters of wall) where we will descend. Once we finished all the activities we will back where is our bus then back to Cusco 3:30pm we are arriving to Cusco and we leave you in your hotel.


  • Touristic bus round trip
  • Professional instructor
  • Climbing gears (harnesses, helmet, climbing shoes, ropes, carabiners.)
  • Box Lunch
  • First Aid kit

Not included:

  • Drinks
  • Tips for the Instructors
On Vidal Expeditions the rock climbing trip encounter routes that blow your mind challenge your endurance and redefine your strengths. The outdoor is your classroom for this rock climbing class, you’ll learn the fundamentals of setting anchors, belay systems and hardware, rappelling, rock site environmental awareness and leave No trace camping techniques.

From: USD 75.00 per person

USD 60.00: from 4 people to more

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